SAP R/3 Problems and Service

SAP R/3 Problems
SAP problems

Examples of typical SAP R/3 problems

Each SAP system has its own history. This history grows over years. New processes and modules get added, the system upgrades to newer releases. Employees come and go and more and more programs emerge that are no longer completely understood by the staff. Some typical problems develop:

The night becomes ever shorter, because custom programs needed by the system run at night ever longer. Some custom ABAP programs were appropriate for older SAP releases, but now they become obsolete because similar functionality is already available from SAP or can be implemented better with new tools.

Many custom SAP programs that use copies of the standard components, have long not been updated and don’t work properly with the current SAP Release. And some processes can not be implemented because too many old SAP documents are not up-to-date.

Some custom programs were performing well 2 years ago – now they are hardly running, but no one dares to “touch the running system”.

The employees don’t take seriously the time that passes while the computer is showing the sand glass. IT specialists know however that this time, multiplied by the number of users of a system holds a considerable cost saving potential.

The solution for these problems: SAP system optimization.

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