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SAP ABAP Consultants Profiles
Senior SAP Consultant  

Wladimir Dub

With 24 years graduated from university, SAP experience since 1997, SAP certified since 1999.

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  SAP consultant  

Sophia Tarnopolska

With 23 years graduated from university with distinction, SAP experience since 1995.

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Successful work within 14 SAP projects, at many customers the "Dub Program" became a term.

Hobbies: critically inspects all process concepts. Quickly he can put his finger on situations not accounted for and pinpoint "holes" in the concept.

"We can replace this program that runs every night with a three-liner in the user exit, which will reduce the server load and make an instant plausibility check possible."


Successful work within 5 SAP projects.

You will need quite some SAP experience, to recognize the abilities of this woman: when she enters things start running smoothly, the time pressure disappears from the project, the loading of not very consistent data works at once... Simply sit there and watch - and you will learn something every day!

Hobbies: find and eliminate SAP inconsistencies and then ask: "didn't you know there was a problem here?"

"Hold on with reporting this problem to the OSS, in a couple of hours I'll find out what's wrong here."
"You don't need to write this program from the scratch, since SAP release 3.1 there is a standard one that fits perfectly..."

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