SAP Optimization and SAP Process Optimization

SAP Process Optimization and SAP System Optimization
SAP optimization

Mission SAP Optimization

  • Complete analysis of existing SAP processes and SAP programs.
  • If necessary, return to standard processes, redesign and optimization of the critical custom SAP ABAP programs.
  • Measuring of performance and optimization of long running processes, in order to free up your only non-scalable resource - the SAP database.
  • Examination and re-establishment of the SAP data consistency.
  • Examination of the SAP error logs and reduction of the causes of these errors.

Our time proven ability to analyze and further develop custom ABAP programs, is for these tasks absolutely crucial.

We optimize dataflow, remove needlessly long data paths and create shortcuts, tailored to the custom Data Model. We tune your SAP Processes to ensure smooth and consistent operation.

A skillfully made little ABAP program saves several days of manual data reworking.

Some interfaces between SAP modules were never developed, because they were considered too costly and time-consuming. Perhaps we have the right competencies for it.

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