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We are a renowned SAP R/3 consulting with core competence in creating SAP Concepts and implementing custom SAP Solutions with ABAP/4 as well as in solving nontrivial problems in the SAP R/3 system. Our analytic approach, deep knowledge of the SAP system, the module interconnections and the SAP internal data representation allow us create cost effective and reliable Concepts for our SAP customers. Due to the elegance and high quality of our solutions, we enjoy outstanding reputation and can provide excellent references from our existing customers.

We accompany our customers’ SAP Projects from the “fine concept” to the productive start and beyond, and contribute through our unique knowledge base, the analytic skills and accurate ABAP programming to the success of the projects. Contrary to the module specialists we are in the position to develop Solutions based upon general SAP concepts and inter-connections, which makes them simple, transparent and very flexible. In our work we emphasize Standard Compliancy of our Solutions, consequently we examine each and every deviation from the SAP Standard to see, whether the same functionality can be implemented differently. We always aim to create Solutions that are durable, i.e. can be used beyond the next SAP Release, and flexible enough to accommodate new requirements in the future.

We consider our most important capability, the ability to analytically support project teams in the fine concept phase. In this phase we co-operate closely with the concerned divisions, in order to analyze the project requirements and find the best possible solutions for the tasks posed. Thereby we are often able to cut development time and cost by leveraging our knowledge of SAP internals to propose simple solutions to complicated problems.

In the implementation phase of projects, we use the modern development tools to handle the ABAP/4 programming tasks in an accurate and correct way. By doing so we create complete Solution based upon uniform logic, which leads to extraordinary data consistency and transparency. During this phase we transfer our knowledge to the client’s employees, so that the created Solution can be efficiently maintained and used in the future.

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