SAP ABAP Consultant Sophia Tarnopolska - Records for Download

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Following documents can be downloaded from this Site. Further records are available upon request.

Curriculum Vitae [German]
Consultant profile SAP experience [German]
Diploma w. distinction - (M.S. in mathematics, Kiev state University) [Russian]
german Diploma certification - (M.S. in mathematics)
Control Data Institute Certificate - individual program SAP (10 month) (face) [German]
Control Data Institute Certificate - individual program SAP (10 month) (back) [German]
SAP Course LO605 - Sales
SAP Course CA705 - Basics of the Report Painter/Report Writer
SAP Course BC425 - Enhancements and Modifications
SAP Course D40AW - ABAP Workbench Delta Training
SAP Course LO930 - Logistics Information System (LIS) Reporting
SAP Course BC615 - SAP Archive Technology
SAP Course BC616 - R/3 Archivelink Applications
SAP Course BC601 - SAP Business Workflow - Build and Use
SAP Course LO630 - Technical Aspects in LIS wit Special Focus on SIS
SAP Course MBC40 - Managing ABAP Development Projects
SAP Course BC404 - ABAP Objects: Object-oriented Programming in R/3 Rel. 4.6
SAP Course BC414 - Programming Database Updates Rel. 4.6
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