SAP R/3 ABAP Consulting

SAP R/3 ABAP Consulting

What is ABAP consultant?

ABAP consultant is not just SAP programmer, who knows how to use ABAP Workbench to develop ABAP programs to given requirements.

It is not a SAP consultant with ABAP knowledge, who knows how to insert a user exit, how to use OSS note or a SAP Workflow, SAP ALE and/or SAP IDOC.

Naturally, we do all that, but we also do much more. We know the R/3 from the inside out.

Are we then also SAP module specialists? No, because we specialize exclusively on the ABAP consulting and consequently donít have the necessary depth of knowledge of each individual moduleís settings variety.

SAP modification or rather not?

The SAP System is unbelievably flexible, therefore there are often several ways to implement the same Business process. However not every function is available in SAP R/3. So what can you do, if your specific processes canít be implemented with standard SAP tools? A SAP Customer has the following choice: either adjust the actual business process or change the process in SAP. We will find the optimal solution for you.

How does one objectively evaluate SAP consultant?

Many SAP customers ask themselves: how can I find the best consultant for my mission-critical SAP Application? Our advice: ask the reference customers, whether they are still happy with the solutions, which have been developed by the consultant 2-3 years ago. Ask whether the concepts developed at that time are still used, whether they were easily extendable, whether the system still performs well.

We have experience and happy customers. And we love SAP.

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