Our experience in SAP R/3 ABAP custom development

Our experience in SAP R/3 ABAP custom development
ABAP Program

SAP ABAP Standard Solutions

Many SAP customers believe that they require unique SAP solutions. In reality we often encounter similar SAP projects and solve related SAP problems for different clients. During the years we have created several hundreds of ABAP programs, SAP Function Modules and User Exits - we put all these collected experiences at our client’s disposal.

Year-long SAP experiences allow us to help our clients conceptually and to serve them as an extensive “knowledge base”. We can ensure the correctness of clients’ SAP Concepts, find optimal ways to implement them, and allow the client to create exact and correct specifications for the actual ABAP programming tasks.

We have created the SAP ABAP Standard Solutions Programme to offer our clients pre-built solutions to frequent SAP problems and cut the development and testing time and costs. The Programme is based upon an extensive collection of SAP Solutions, created and thoroughly tested during our year-long work for various SAP clients. The advantages of Standard Solutions over pure custom development include low cost, fast deployment, conceptual correctness and more general approach to the problem at hand.

To verify, whether a Standard Solution for your SAP Project is available, send us your project inquiry now!

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